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Editing Proofreading

Editing and proofreading is included in our document translation service


Localization is the process of adapting documents, software, multimedia and websites to a specific culture and language.


Alchemy Translations provides a complete solution for your production flow from design to press approval for print.

Quality Assurance

True localization is at the core of our translation services. Converting a word from one language into an equivalent word in another language is simply not enough.

As a global translation firm, we strive to provide the highest quality translations available anywhere in the world. Our competitive rates for translation, editing and proofreading vary depending on the language pairs, project type and size.

Technical Translation

Whether it’s user guides, technical drawings, lengthy technical manuals, technical or engineering documentation, or localization of software, your technical translation must be letter perfect. All of our technical translators have solid technical backgrounds and depth of experience in their field.

Medical Translation

We translate all types of medical documents including medical equipment, instrument and tool manuals; corporate literature including websites and marketing materials; medical equipment, instruments and supplies user manuals and guides; health and patient information brochures and guides.

Software Translation

Our software localization services adapt your software package to a specific local market. Alchemy Translations can localize your software including the user interface, help files, manuals, packaging, and all related documentation.

Website Translation

Your website is a very important business and marketing tool for your company. Therefore, your content must be accurately translated in order to draw meaningful traffic. Alchemy Translations can translate all aspects of your website including content, Java Scripts, navigation menus, online forms, database content, and targeted keywords. We also offer promotional services via search engine marketing and social marketing.

Miscellaneous Translation

We offer translations for product localization, corporate profiles, personal resumes, reference letters, as well as marketing or promotional strategies for your business, your clients, or yourself.

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